Thank you for supporting our volunteer efforts directed towards several organizations, one of which we registered as a California Non Profit (Children's Miracle Ministry). We currently manage two active fundraisers: One that serves to buy gifts and entertainment for hospitalized children and one that generates funds separately to reimburse us and other volunteers for expenses occurred during these endeavors.  In case the volunteer dedicated fundraiser generates funds beyond monies spent during our volunteer and other charitable activities, the overflow will be used to supplement  our income, which in turn will allow us to free up

even more time towards our volunteer efforts (we also volunteer for an anti bullying organization).


We decided to go this route in order not to dilute funds from the 

registered non profit organization. However, even though our volunteer work is a labor of love, expenses occur. We therefore started THIS separate fundraiser (, solicting

spare change, also called love gifts, that help us personally. If you see a fundraising container named "Children's Miracle Ministry", you are helping  that organization to buy gifts for hospitalized children, bring professional entertainment for the children, and to take care of related expenses like telephone, internet expenses,

printing supplies/brochures, etc.

However, no salaries are being paid since January 2017 and no volunteers receive compensation for travel and other occurred expenses from either the children's miracle ministry, nor from any other organization we volunteer for. Therefore, if you see a container with the url of and you throw in    a few coins, you are helping us and other future volunteers.

click below to visit the children's miracle ministry